Live Traffic Updates

NEW ORANGE BARRELS: Part of Milwaukee St CLOSES today.

Milwaukee St is CLOSED approximately 1,000 feet east of the I-39/90 bridge,  in order to construct the new Milky Way intersection and underground utilities as part of the Grandview Commons project.

No through-traffic will be allowed during the closure.   

A detour route will be signed as follows (from west to east):  Milwaukee Street, left onto North Thompson Drive, right onto Commercial Avenue (Hwy “T”), right onto Sprecher Road, to Milwaukee Street.   Reverse if going east to west.

The closure is expected to last through the end of October.  


INTERSTATE/BELTLINE: The ramp from NB I-39/90 to WB Beltline will be CLOSED overnight.

The ramp from NB (WB) I-39/90 ramp to the WB Beltline will be CLOSED between 9pm-5am every night Mon-Thurs (Sept 22-25).

There will be a signed detour route using Hwy 30 to Stoughton Rd (Hwy 51) to the Beltline.


ORANGE BARRELS ‘BOUT TO BLOCK BELTLINE RAMP: EB off-ramp to Greenway Blvd in Middleton.

The DOT says the EB Beltline off-ramp to Greenway Blvd will CLOSE starting this Wednesday (Sept 24) for about 1 week.

The closure is to expedite construction work,  and also for your safety.



ORANGE BARRELS DOING NEW THINGS: E. Johnson St; week of 9/21.

On Monday, September 22,  E. Johnson Street traffic will be shifted onto the newly constructed southern portion of E. Johnson Street between Paterson and Baldwin Streets. 

E. Johnson St traffic will remain reduced to one lane through the entire project.

Intersection of  N.  Livingston St north of E. Johnson St is still CLOSED.

They are planning on being done for the winter by Nov 3.

The final completion date of the project is May/June 2015.


The ramp from SB Hwy 51 to EB Voges Rd will be closed all week (September 22 – September 26).

They are lengthening the turn lane from SB Hwy 51 to EB Voges Rd.

The other ramps and through movements will remain open.

There will be a signed detour.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline frontage roads; week of 9/21.

East Frontage Road (west of Verona Road) from Red Arrow Trail to Atticus Way

Traffic is shifted alongside the new northbound Verona Rd bridge until next month.

Red Arrow Trail is CLOSED at the East Frontage Rd.

Traffic is maintained on two lanes, or with flaggers telling traffic to stop and go.

West Beltline Frontage Road/Hammersley Road (west of Verona Road)

CLOSED between the temporary Verona Rd intersection and the Southwest Commuter Path over the Beltline until later this month.  Access to all businesses remains open.

West Beltline Frontage Road (east of Verona Road)
CLOSED between Britta Pkwy and Whenona Dr (south of the Beltline) until mid-October.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline between Whitney Way & Verona Rd; week of 9/21.


On-ramp from Verona Rd CLOSED between 10pm-5am on Monday & Tuesday nights (Sept 22, 23).

On-ramp from Verona Rd will also have daytime work between 6am-6pm, but ramp will remain open during the day.

Overnight lane closures between Verona Rd and Whitney Way.  One lane will remain open.  8pm-5am.

A traffic shift (outside, narrower lanes)went into effect last week between Verona Rd and Whitney Way.   This will be in effect until Spring 2016.


Overnight lane closures between Whitney Way and Verona Rd between 8pm-5am.  One lane will remain open.

A traffic shift went into effect Saturday Sept 20 (outside,  narrower lanes)

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Verona Rd; week of 9/21

**On Tuesday morning,  Sept 23, a traffic pattern change will be in place on Verona Rd at Atticus Way/Summit Rd intersection.  This is just south of the Beltline. 

- Temporary traffic signals will be in place.

- Left turns, right turns, and moving straight through the intersection will be maintained.

- The current temporary intersection between the Beltline and Atticus Way will be removed.

- Two-way traffic will be restored on the West Frontage Rd between U-Haul and Subway.

- Access remains open to area businesses and neighborhoods.

On Verona Rd, two lanes will remain open in each direction.  All traffic remains on the new northbound lanes between the Beltline and Raymond Rd.

There will be overnight lane closures on Verona Rd in both directions at Atticus Way/Summit Rd.  (10pm-5am, Sept 22-23)