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FYI: I am on vacation until 7/28.

Various people will be filling in for me, starting Friday 7/17.

I will be back on Monday 7/28.

The website will NOT be updated while I am gone. 

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MADISON METRO: Multiple detours this weekend due to events.

CLICK HERE for details on all the detours.


A reminder that I-94 will be CLOSED 11pm Friday night until 5:30am Monday morning.  Alternate routes are necessary.


I-94 East/West will be fully closed at WIS 100.
In lieu of numerous consecutive overnight full freeway closures the Zoo Interchange Team will work to construct the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge spans over I-94 in one weekend-long full freeway closure.
I-94 East/West will be fully closed at WIS 100 from Friday July 18 at 11pm to Monday July 21 at 5:30am. Traffic backups and delays are anticipated along the freeway segments approaching the closure.



MIDDLETON: intersection of Branch St at Maywood Ave is CLOSED. More info:


The intersection of Branch St & Maywood will be closed for today.  You will not be able to drive through on either street, Branch Street or Maywood Ave.   It will only be closed for today.   Thank you for the patience.

VERONA RD: Nothing will ever be the same. And, you should read this.

The potential for significant delays on Verona Rd exists for tomorrow morning’s commute.   

A major traffic shuffle will take place tonight.  


The Verona Road (US 18/151) traffic switch will start at 8 p.m. tonight (July 16).

By late Thursday morning (July 17), all Verona Road traffic will be shifted to the new northbound lanes, between the Beltline and Raymond Road.

To safely and efficiently complete this overnight switch, periodic turn restrictions will also take place:

  • Where: To/from Verona Road in this work zone
  • When: 8 p.m. tonight (July 16) until 10 a.m. tomorrow (July 17)
  • Alternate routes are encouraged during these hours.

Backups and delays are likely on Verona Road, especially during peak travel times, as motorists adjust to this new traffic pattern.


  • Two lanes remain open to traffic (in each direction) on Verona Road in this work zone.
  • Access remains open to area businesses and neighborhoods during construction.
    • The public should continue to patronize area businesses in the work zone.
  • Follow the signs and pavement markings to reach your destination.
  • Be patient, plan ahead and drive with caution through the work zones.

Stay connected with the Verona Road Project website and Like us on Facebook.

For more information, contact:

COMMON QUESTION: “What’s up with the construction on Beltline?” Answer:

Between Fish Hatchery Rd & I-90:

They are repairing pavement, fixing bridges, and repaving.  They will be done with this by November.

The EB Beltline on ramp from SB Park St is CLOSED until mid-August.   The lane-shift on the WB Beltline near Park St will be in place another 3-4 weeks;  they they will do the same thing on the EB Beltline with at least one lane separated from the rest of the world by a concrete barrier.

Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd area:

They are doing prep work for the next TWO years.  By 2016-ish, the Beltline will be widened in this area with 1 additional lane in each direction between Seminole Hwy & Whitney Way.  They are also going to reconstruct the Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd off ramp and give it a facelift.   They are just preparing for this work right now,  the bulk of which will take place during the next 2 construction seasons.

Whitney Way to Terrace Ave in Middleton:

They are fixing pavement and repaving eventually.  They are making new aux lanes between entrance and exit ramps.  They will be done with this by November.

Usually lane closures take place between 7pm-6am.    At times between 8pm-5am,  only one lane may be open at a time.    

On occasion,  overnight ramp closures need to take place, generally between the hours of 8pm-5am.

Delays should be anticipated at any time, but especially during peak travel times and early on in the night during the lane closures.



MIDDLETON: Orange barrels doing new things on Branch St.


Branch St will be CLOSED between University Pl & Columbus Dr, beginning TODAY, Monday July 14.

This is the beginning of the second phase of the Branch St. Reconstruction Project. (shaded red on the Phase 2 detour map – see link below).  Detour routes will be marked along the roads shaded in yellow on the detour map.

Link to Branch St. Detour Map Phase 2.

This is the major portion of the reconstruction of Branch St.  Plan drawings and a project schedule are also included on the City web page titled Projects Under Construction.  The project includes replacement of the water main and spot repairs of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sidewalk and curb and gutter.  The project will be constructed in three phases to minimize disruptions to local access.

If you have questions, please call the City’s project manager, Gary Huth, at 821-8378.

VERONA RD: A major traffic shift slated to go into effect on THURSDAY.


By Thursday morning (July 17), all Verona Road (US 18/151) traffic will be shifted to the new northbound lanes, between the Madison Beltline and Raymond Road.

To safely and efficiently complete this overnight switch, periodic turn restrictions will be in effect to and from Verona Road (in this work zone) between 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 16 and 10 a.m. Thursday, July 17. Alternate routes are encouraged during these hours.

CLICK HERE* for a graphic explaining the traffic plan(s) on Verona Rd.

*Click at your own risk,  the graphic makes my brain hurt.

FITCHBURG: portion of E. Cheryl Pkwy CLOSED this week.

E. Cheryl Parkway is CLOSED July 14-18 for railroad crossing improvements.

It is closed between No Oaks Ridge and the Lacy Rd roundabout.


MADISON: Jackson St is CLOSED until October. I dunno exactly why.

Info from City of Madison:

On Monday, July 14, 2014, the City of Madison will begin a pilot project to close Jackson Street between Atwood Ave & St Paul Ave.

This will involve closing this portion of Jackson St to vehicular through-traffic.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be maintained on Jackson Street and the bike path located there.

This closure is expected to last until October.

Motorists are advised to use alternate routes during this closure.


South Point Road from Valley View Rd to Harvest Moon Ln is scheduled to CLOSE today.  Work is scheduled through the end of October.  

The contractor will be setting up traffic control, clearing trees, stripping topsoil.

Project details from City of Madison: 

South Point Road (Valley View Rd – Harvest Moon Ln):   Work is scheduled July 14 – October 31.  The project includes new storm sewer, water main, curb and gutter and pavement.  

The road will be closed to through traffic.


Gilbert Rd is CLOSED between Whitney Way and Hammersley Rd.  A new water main is being installed. 
Work is scheduled through the end of August.



The project includes replacing the water main, storm sewer, deficient curb and gutter, pulverizing and paving and installing a table top intersection at Whitcomb Drive.

Gilbert Rd will be closed to through traffic for installation of the water main, storm sewer and table top.

MIDDLETON: A change to Madison Metro’s detour off Branch St.

Route 72 buses will now detour from Branch St via Allen Blvd, Maywood Ave & Amherst Rd.

Route 70 will continue to detour via Park St, Park Lawn Pl & Maywood Ave.

CLICK HERE for more info.

DANE/ROCK CO: Info on I-39/90 expansion and related projects.

What’s going on this week,  per the DOT:

WIS 73 reconstruction 

Interstate 39/90 north to US 12/18 near Cambridge and Deerfield

  • WIS 73 is CLOSED to through traffic until November 2014.  WIS 73 remains open for local traffic.
    • Access to area businesses along WIS 73 to remain open.
    • Alternate routes required for through travelers.
    • Signed detour route: I-39/90 and US 12/18.
  • Northern section of WIS 73 (just north of County B to south of US 12/18).
    • Excavation and grading operations are almost complete on this section.
    • Permanent roadway stone is in place from 1,600 feet south of Koshkonong Road to just north of County PQ, which will improve mobility in the area.
    • Local traffic can still drive through this area. Delays are anticipated, especially between County PQ and Fadness Road.
    • Note: WIS 73 will be paved in fall 2014.
  • Middle section of WIS 73 (north of County B to just south of County A).
    • Asphalt removal in this area will start next week.
    • Please drive with caution and be alert for crews working in this area.
  • Storm sewer placement is underway, which improves drainage in some areas. The second half of the box culvert replacement will start next week; the single lane will move from the east side to the west side of the roadway (over new box culvert).
    • Note: The travel lane near box culvert work (about 1,500 feet north of County B) is narrow. Most vehicles and delivery trucks should be able to safely pass; however, large farm vehicles with implements may not be able to safely navigate this section of roadway.
  • The WIS 73 and WIS 106 intersection, just north of I-39/90, remains open to traffic until reconstruction in late summer 2014.

I-39/90 southbound bridge over Siggelkow Road
Located just south of the US 12/18 (Beltline) interchange near Madison

  • I-39/90 northbound traffic is shifted toward the median at Siggelkow Road.
    • Southbound traffic to remain in the current configuration.
  • Grading operations to occur for temporary widening of I-39/90 northbound and to widen the northbound bridge for future traffic staging.
  • Nightly lane closure on I-39/90 northbound at Siggelkow Road.
    • 7 p.m. – 5 a.m. (July 7-11)
    • 9 p.m. – 7 a.m. (July 11-12)
  • Outside shoulder CLOSED on I-39/90 northbound at Siggelkow Road.
  • Two lanes to remain open to traffic on I-39/90 (in each direction) during daytime hours.
  • Siggelkow Road is CLOSED at I-39/90 until November 2014.
    • Traffic on Siggelkow Road is not permitted to travel under I-39/90. Alternate routes are required.

Pavement repairs on I-39/90 from Janesville to Edgerton
Milwaukee St. in Janesville to just north of the WIS 73/US 51 interchange in Dane County

  • Work continues on pavement repairs, shoulder repairs, and resurfacing of I-39/90 northbound.
  • Nightly lane closure on I-39/90 northbound from Kennedy Road to just south of the WIS 59 interchange.
    • 7 p.m. – 5 a.m. (July 7-11)
    • 9 p.m. – 7 a.m. (July 11-12)
  • No work is anticipated on I-39/90 southbound until July 2014.
  • Two lanes to remain open to traffic on I-39/90 (in each direction) during daytime hours.
  • Short term ramp closures may occur. No consecutive ramps (i.e., US 14 and WIS 26 interchange) closed at the same time.
    • Alternate routes required during ramp closures.


CLICK HERE for project website

CLICK HERE for project Facebook page

TODAY: UWPD doing a disaster drill at Camp Randall.

FROM UWPD Public Information Officer Marc Lovicott: 

At around 7:00 a.m. an explosive sound effect will be heard in Camp Randall Stadium. 

Emergency vehicles will respond in real-time with lights and sirens – neighbors can expect the lights and sirens to cease by 10 a.m. 

Nearby residents should also expect to see smoke, and acting victims with fake blood and injuries. 

The realistic nature of the exercise is designed to better prepare the University for an actual crisis.” 


Expect a slew of emergency vehicles,  from multiple local, state and federal agencies; including UW-Madison Police, Dane County Sheriff’s Office, Madison Police, Madison Fire, State Patrol, Capitol Police, FBI, and others.

Traffic will be affected around Camp Randall and people downtown will notice increased police activity in the area.

The 1400 block of Monroe St (from Regent St to Randall Ave) will be CLOSED from 5am to 5pm.  

For more information CLICK HERE.

For more, more information CLICK HERE.