Live Traffic Updates

MIDDLETON: Orange barrels doing new things on Branch St.


Branch Street final paving will occur on Wednesday October 1st and Thursday October 2nd.

The entire roadway, from University Avenue to Century Avenue will need to be closed off in different phases.

The paving contractor intends to start paving at University Avenue and work to the north.

Approximate road closure limits are as follows.
October 1, 2014 

Road closed from University Ave to Franklin Ave until 8:00 am.
Road closed from University Ave to the north side of Sauk Trail Elementary from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Road closed from the north side of Sauk Trail Elementary to Pheasant Lane after 2:00 pm.

October 2, 2014 

Road closed from Pheasant Lane to Century Avenue.

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MADISON: The intersection of Haywood Dr at High St closes today for ~5 days.

Concrete work is the cause of the closure.   This intersection is expected to remain closed until Oct 6.



MIDDLETON: Madison Metro routes 70 & 72 affected by Branch St construction.

A change to the current detour goes into effect today.

Route 70 and 72 buses will completely detour off of Branch St. for street paving.

Route 70 trips will detour using Park St., Park Lawn Pl., and Maywood Ave.

Route 72 trips will detour using Allen Blvd., Maywood Ave., and Amherst Rd. in both directions between University Ave and Century Ave.

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FROM THE DOT: Watch out for deer on area roads. More info:


October and November are the mating season for deer, and they will increase their activity particularly at dusk and dawn while moving back and forth between their bedding and feeding areas.  As they roam, deer may dart unexpectedly onto roads and into the path of vehicles.

“To avoid hitting deer with your vehicle, you need to slow down whenever you see them nearby. If you see one deer, there are probably more in the area that could dash in front of your vehicle,” says David Pabst, director of the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety.  “If you can’t avoid a deer in the road, it’s safer to hit the brakes and hit the deer than to swerve suddenly and try to miss it.  If you swerve, you risk losing control of your vehicle and hitting another car or a stationary object like a tree.”

Motorcyclists must be especially careful because deer crashes can be fatal.  Motorcycles were involved in six of the eight fatal deer vs. motor vehicle crashes in Wisconsin last year.

“The one exception to the ‘don’t swerve’ advice applies to motorcyclists,” Pabst says. “Motorcyclists should slow down, brake firmly and then swerve if necessary to avoid hitting the deer. If they must swerve, motorcyclists should try to stay within their driving lane to avoid hitting other vehicles or objects.”

WisDOT and the Wisconsin State Patrol safety officials offer the following advice to prevent deer crashes and injuries to motorists:

  • Be on the lookout for deer, eliminate distractions while driving, and slow down especially in early morning and evening hours, which are the most active times for deer.
  • Always buckle up. There are fewer and less severe injuries in vehicle vs. deer crashes when drivers and passengers wear safety belts.
  • If you see a deer by the side of the road, slow down and blow your horn with one long blast to frighten it away.
  • When you see one deer, look for another one. Deer seldom run alone.
  • If you see a deer looming in your headlights, don’t expect it to move away. Headlights can confuse a deer, causing it to freeze.
  • Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near your path.
  • Don’t swerve suddenly because you may lose control of your vehicle.
  • If you hit a deer, get your vehicle off the road if possible, and then call a law enforcement agency. Walking on a highway is dangerous, so stay in your vehicle if you can.
  • Don’t try to move the animal if it is still alive. The injured deer could hurt you.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline between Terrace Ave & Mineral Point Rd; week of Sept 28.

EB Beltline off-ramp to Greenway Blvd will be closed until approximately Wedsnesday. 

WB Beltline traffic is shifted onto the new median shoulder and left lane.

Two lanes of traffic will be maintained during daytime hours. 
Single lane closures will occur nightly from 7:00PM – 6:00AM.  
Work is scheduled to be done by November 14.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: E. Johnson St; week of Sept 28.

East Johnson will remain reduced to one lane throughout the entire project.


N. Blount St north of E. Johnson CLOSED Mon 9/29 – Fri 10/3.

N. Livingston St north of E. Johnson CLOSED long term.


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: McKee Rd/Hwy PD in Fitchburg; week of Sept 28.


Asphalt paving will take place on the northern lanes of McKee Road (Seminole Hwy to Fish Hatchery Rd) from Tuesday, September 30th – Saturday, October 4th.

Temporary closures (~2 hours each) will take place at the Richardson St. and Chapel Valley Rd. legs of the intersections north of McKee Rd.  When Chapel Valley Road to the north is closed, the official McKee Road North Business Access Route will be switched to Triverton Pike Drive.

Traffic delays are expected.  Use of alternate routes is encourage.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline between Verona Rd & Whitney Way; week of Sept 28.


Off-ramp to Whitney Way CLOSED 10pm-5am on 9/29-10/2.

Lane closures from Verona Rd to Whitney Way 8pm-5am on 9/29-10/2.  Only one lane of traffic will remain open, and at times it will be noisy.

Daytime work on the on-ramp from Verona Rd between 6am-6pm on 9/29-10/4.   Ramp will remain open.

TRAFFIC SHIFT between Verona Road and Whitney Way, until spring 2016.


Lane closures from Whitney Way to Verona Rd 8pm-5am on Sept 29-Oct 3.  Only one lane will be open.  It might be noisy.

Rolling stops (all lanes blocked briefly) between Whitney Way to Verona Rd 10pm-5am on Sept 30 & Oct 1.

TRAFFIC SHIFT between Whitney Way and Verona Road.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Verona Rd; week of Sept 28.

Two lanes in each directions continue to be on the new northbound lanes between Raymond Rd and the Beltline.

Work is taking place between 6am-6pm.

They are planning on pouring concrete for the new southbound bridge on Tuesday Sept 30 between 3am-12pm.   This is dependent upon Mother Nature’s cooperation.

The West Frontage Rd is open between Freeport Rd and Home Depot.

CLICK HERE for a summary of construction activities.

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CHOO-CHOO: Train tracks in Fitchburg going to…uh…have trains.

From the city of Fitchburg:

Ken Lucht, Wisconsin Southern Railroad, announced today that the rail line located on the city’s east side, running south from McCoy Road to the Village of Oregon will be activated on Monday, September 29

The public is invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at the intersection of Clayton Road and the rail line on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 2:00 P.M.  Representatives of the City of Fitchburg, Village of Oregon, WSOR, Commissioner of Rail, WisDOT and the Chambers of Commerce from both communities will be present.


Milwaukee St is CLOSED approximately 1,000 feet east of the I-39/90 bridge,  in order to construct the new Milky Way intersection and underground utilities as part of the Grandview Commons project.

No through-traffic will be allowed during the closure.   

A detour route will be signed as follows (from west to east):  Milwaukee Street, left onto North Thompson Drive, right onto Commercial Avenue (Hwy “T”), right onto Sprecher Road, to Milwaukee Street.   Reverse if going east to west.

The closure is expected to last through the end of October.