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If you’re thinking about I-94 in MKE

If you’re thinking about driving on I-94 in Milwaukee this weekend, just don’t.  Just don’t.  I-94 is planned to be closed for 31 hours starting tonight at 11 PM near Miller Park.  The closure will last until 6 AM Sunday morning.  Find an alternate route for your travel plans if you can!!


Weekend Construction

A couple of construction projects to be aware of this weekend…

Verona Road bridge inspection starts at 8:15 on Friday morning.  The roundabout under Verona Road (near the Allied Drive neighborhood), along with portions of the frontage road system, will be closed to traffic until 12:45.  The right lane of inbound Verona Road will also be closed, just south of the Atticus Way intersection – that closure starts at Noon and will last until about 3pm.

If you are headed to Milwaukee for the weekend, be prepared for a shutdown on westbound I-94 at the Miller Park interchange.  That shutdown begins at 11pm on Friday and will continue until 6am on Sunday.

Slip Slidin’ Away

After a couple days of rain and above normal temperatures, it’s going to start to get cold again.  On top of that, we could see a little light snow later today…so, be prepared for the possibility of slippery roads on your drive home this afternoon.

Booze & Belts!

Wisconsin Law Enforcement reminds you to be safe this holiday season.  Police will be out in force with the Booze & Belts traffic safety campaign.  The campaign runs through Saturday…but police are always watching for violations, to make our community safer.  Make this a safe holiday season, if you drink – don’t drive…and always wear your seat belt.

Roundabout Closure

On Friday morning, the WisDOT will be closing the roundabout under Verona Road near the Allied Drive neighborhood for an inspection of the Verona Road bridge.  The roundabout will be closed starting at 8:15am and should remain closed until about 12:45pm on Friday.

Dense Fog…AGAIN!

The dense fog that has settled into the area was the cause of several accidents yesterday.  The dense fog advisory continues through Noon today, so take it a little slower this morning, leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you and use your headlights on your drive to work today.


Here’s what’s up at 9 AM on area roadways.

-Still very slow going on south bound US Highway 151 at American Parkway as crews investigate the earlier crash at that location.  This has been reported to be a death investigation.  The right hand lane remains closed.

-A truck vs ambulance crash occurred early last hour.  Crews are still on the scene of that one and the right hand lane is blocked.

-Traffic is still backed up on southbound US Highway 151 at Wisconsin Highway 73 due to earlier crashes there.

Use caution out there on the roads, they are very slippery.  More traffic tweets and updates will be back this afternoon around 4 PM with Jim Bartlet.   Have a great weekend!


8 AM Traffic Rundown – Lots Off Issues

Here’s what you need to know about traffic at 8 AM on your Friday.


  • There are reports of an eight car crash on Interstate 90 east bound in DeForest near the Highway V exit.  Avoid this area.
  • A very serious accident occurred earlier this morning at US Highway 151 southbound and American Parkway.  The right lane is currently closed, and I expect it to remain closed for quite some time as the Wisconsin State Patrol Crash Reconstruction Team investigates the crash.  Madison Police say to expect delays for several hours.
  • The left lane on Interstate 90 eastbound near Janesville and mile marker 170 is crawling along due to to a crash.  You’ll see slowdowns starting near Wisconsin highway 26.  The left lane is now closed both east and westbound on the interstate in the area.
  • US Highway 151 southbound is reportedly at a dead stop near Hwy 73 due to a multiple vehicle crash.  It’s been backed up for some time with no end in sight at this time.
  • The westbound Beltline is seeing it’s usual delays.  You’ll be slow from Stoughton road through Fish Hatchery road.
  • It’s slippery out there.  Use caution and leave some extra time during your commute.


The right lane of US Highway 151 SB has been closed and will likely remain closed for quite some time after a very serious crash this morning.  Madison Police are asking drivers to avoid this area until further notice.

7:00 AM Traffic Rundown

Here is your 7 AM update of traffic happenings.  It’s turning into a busy morning out there.  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Vehicle vs. Pedestrian crash reported on US Highway 151 southbound near American Parkway.  Crews are responding.  It’s sounds fairly serious, so avoid the area if you can.
  • There are some very slippery spots out there due to the mist that is coming down freezing when it comes into contact with the roads.
  • Reports of a 4 vehicle crash involving a semi truck on US Highway 151 between Columbus and Madison.  It looks like it’s near WI HWY 73.
  • A metal latter has taken up residence in the Beltline’s left lane on the westbound side between Monona Dr and Stoughton Rd.

If you see a traffic problem you can tweet me and all MadTownTraffic traffic followers by using the handle @madisontraffic.

Multiple Slide Offs Near Verona

6:33 AM UPDATE:  

Ambulance has left the scene.  Fire and Police units still cleaning up.  Use cation.


6:22 AM Original post:

Use caution on highways near Verona.  There have been reports of multiple slide offs and and a single vehicle crash with injuries on US Highway 151 southbound near mile marker 80.  Take it slow this morning, and leave some extra time during your commute.

-Dustin Weber

Your Friday Morning Commute is a bit…Moist

Good Friday morning!  As you head out on the roads this morning you might noticed a fine mist/drizzle out there.  You’ll need your windshield wipers every now and again as you travel.  Watch out though, it’s just cold enough where it could start to freeze.  I’ll keep you up to date on that.


The Wisconsin DOT would like to remind you that the Merrimac ferry is closed until spring.  They say that the ferry that carried more than 305,000 cars this year has been forced to close due to the cold temperatures.  You may have already noticed the yellow flashing lights around the Waunakee area on the highways.  Well, it’s official, you’ll have to take the long way to get to Merrimac for the winter.


Stay safe out there!


-Dustin Weber

Odd Drive to the Office

While I was expecting to see a little patchy fog this morning (and I’m still expecting that), I was a bit surprised on my drive in to the office from Middleton on the Beltline.  The road were perfectly clear…until about the time I got to Madison…at that point it was snow covered, but for just a short stretch of about a mile, then back to clear sailing.

Watch for those snow covered stretches as you drive to work this morning.

Badger Basketball Commute

You might want to give yourself a little extra time if you are headed to Milwaukee tonight for the Badger Basketball game.  The construction continues at around the Zoo interchange in Milwaukee…and that continues to be a mess for travelers.

Go Badgers!

4:30pm Update

A few accidents on the beltline in both directions has not started the trip home off on a right note.  Westbound is very slow from the Interstate past the Yahara River Bridge.  10-15 minute delays there.

Eastbound is a parking lot from Seminole through Monona due to an accident around Park St.  Looking at 15 plus minute delays there and growing.  Also EB on the beltline very slow moving from Gammon through Midvale and  growing there as well.

Lots of breaklights on Park st leading to and from the beltline.  Roads around downtown pretty heavy volume but nothing out of the norm for this time of the day.