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Beltline Traffic Shift

A new traffic pattern starts today (Friday, 4/3/15) on the Beltline, when all eastbound lanes will shift to the westbound side, between Verona Road and Seminole Highway.  All lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation advises that you follow the signs and pavement markings, and stay in your lane when traveling through the area.

Expect slowdowns through the area.  This shift will be in effect through late fall 2015.


National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The month of April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  Here’s a few interesting and scary facts about distracted driving…

– In Wisconsin, 71 people were killed last year in crashes involving distracted drivers.

– Your eyes are off the road for an average of 5 seconds when you text and drive – at 55 mph, in those five seconds, you will travel the length of a football field.

– There were more than 22,000 crashes in Wisconsin last year involving at least one distracted driver.

– In addition to the 71 people killed in those crashes, nearly 10,000 were injured.

– Texting while driving is illegal in Wisconsin.

– Drivers with an instructional permit or probationary license are prohibited from using cell phones while driving.


Cross Plains Construction

Construction starts today (3/30/15) in Cross Plains, where Highway 14 will be closed between County KP and County P.  Construction will continue through October 16.

Alternate Routes…

Eastbound: Take County KP to Bourbon Street to County P…and then back to Highway 14

Westbound: Take County P to Bourbon Street to County KP…and back to Highway 14

Work Zone Awareness Week

By this point in the year, we’ve all seen the orange barrels and more importantly the road workers out on the Beltline and other areas around the city.  To help protect those workers, Governor Walker has declared the week of March 23-27 as Work Zone Awareness Week in Wisconsin.  In 2014 more than 2,200 crashes happened in work zones in Wisconsin, resulting in 832 injuries and 12 deaths.

In 2015 the Department of Transportation has scheduled 350 state highway and bridge improvement projects.  Driving through work-zones often involves lane shifts, narrow and/or uneven lanes and reduced speeds.  Stay alert to the possibility of slowing traffic and the presence of workers when approaching work zones.  Patience and caution are both key to navigating those zones.

…and the Construction Continues!

Watch for more road construction in the Madison area this week.  The orange barrels will be in the following locations…

Between Gammon Road and Todd Drive in both directions on the Beltline (8pm – 5am)

On the ramp from Whitney Way to the eastbound Beltline

Between ramp W-1 and ramp W-4 on eastbound highway 18 near Verona (3/18, 8:30am – 2:30pm)



Luck of the Irish…

…actually, with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office reminds you to NOT rely on the “Luck of the Irish” to stay safe on the roads.  Don’t get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink.  Grant money from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will allow additional patrol officers on duty to stop drunk drivers, tonight through St. Patrick’s Day.

Plan ahead for a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day celebration – designate a sober driver BEFORE the party starts.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers a free “Drive Sober” app that includes a blood-alcohol estimator, a designated driver selector, and a find-a-ride feature that will help locare nearby taxi and mass transit services.  Go to to download the app.

Construction Update…

…and the construction continues!  You’ll see more orange barrels on the Beltline starting on Monday, March 9.  Construction will begin between Whitney Way and Seminole Highway.  This is part of the larger, Verona Road project that should be completed in November of 2016.

The work that begins on Monday will include temporary widening, median and pavement work, storm sewer work and some traffic control work.  This is all in preparation for eastbound Beltline reconstruction, slated to begin in early April.

In this initial phase of the project, you can expect nightly lane closures on both east and westbound lanes of the Beltline, between Whitney Way and Seminole Highway.  You may also see traffic shifts in that same area.  Two lanes will remain open in each direction throughout the project; however, delays are expected in the area, especially during peak travel times.

Welcome to Construction Season!

Here we go again!  Winter is not even over, and we’re back to construction season.  It starts slowly, and most of the traffic interruptions will be in the night and overnight hours.  Watch for workers on both the east and westbound Beltline, between Todd Drive and Whitney Way,  8pm – 5am daily from March 4 through March 6.

This is the beginning of a 2-year project, in which the eastbound lanes will be rebuilt this year.  During that process, eastbound lanes will be shifted over to the westbound side – 2 lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction.  The project will bring the Beltline up to new highway safety standards.




Maintenance Roadwork – Tuesday, 2/17

Maintenance road crews will be on the roads today…

– Westbound Highway 12 at the Wisconsin River (near Sauk City).  Right lane closed 9am – 3pm

– Eastbound I-90, just north of Janesville.  Right lane closed 9am – 2pm

Give ‘em a brake.

Worst Intersections In Madison

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Snow Plowing Update

From the City of Madison…

32 salting and sanding crews have been out since around 11pm last night. Salt and salt brine is being applied to main arterials, main connector streets, streets that Madison Metro runs on and streets around schools and hospitals.

Crews will continue to salt and plow until those roads are no longer slippery and the snow has been plowed off of them. Residential streets will not be plowed at this time. They will be sanding the hills, intersections and curves on residential streets.

The snow could cause problems during the morning commute; we do have some slippery spots. Drive carefully; drive slowly and brake early and you should give yourself time to stop.

Caution: Slippery Roads!

We’re waking up to a light drizzle and the temperature hovering right around the freezing point.  Perfect conditions for REALLY SLIPPERY ROADS!

Use extra caution on the roads today, and take a little extra time getting to work this morning. There are reports of slippery stretches throughout the area, and especially on 90/94 where it is ice-covered between Madison and Portage.  It’s especially slick near Lodi at Highway 60 at the Interstate.

Watch for black ice on all area roads, and especially on bridges, ramps, intersections and roundabouts.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day.  And with that holiday, lots of people have the day off, so expect traffic to be a bit lighter than usual today.  Please keep in mind that there is no school, so watch for kids out playing today.

A couple of other things that may affect your commute today…

* Madison Metro buses are running on a Saturday schedule today.

* UW is back in session tomorrow, so there could be a little extra traffic in the campus area as students return to their dorms and apartments.

Janesville Fire Department

The Janesville Fire Department will be conducting fire training exercises today (1/16/15) on several houses on Milton Avenue in Janesville…It is possible that there may be traffic congestion or temporary delays while the burn is in progress. Traffic on Milton Avenue will be diverted during the exercise.