Live Traffic Updates

ROCK CO UPDATE: Hwy 81 remains CLOSED near Orfordville.

Hwy 81 is CLOSED in both directions due to a fatal crash that occurred around 2:10pm at Hwy H.  This is west of Beloit.

It’s expected to remain closed at least 2 hours.

Alternate route:

EB traffic should take Hwy K to Hwy H to Hwy 81.

WB traffic should take Hwy H to Hwy K to Hwy 81.



Hwy PD will be reduced to ONE lane in each direction between Seminole Hwy and Fish Hatchery Rd overnight tonight and this will remain in place long-term.  Crews will be de-bumping Hwy PD.

**EXPECT big delays starting with tomorrow’s AM commute** 


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: E. Johnson St and vicinity.

E Johnson St will remain reduced to one lane throughout the entire construction project.

E. Gorham Street will remain reduced to one lane through the N. Baldwin St. intersection.

N. Hamilton Street will remain reduced to one way (SB) only traffic between E. Johnson Street and Webster Street.      
Planned Intersection Closures:

N. Butler Street south of E. Johnson Street  (long term closure)

N. Franklin Street south of E. Johnson Street (Tuesday, July 29)

N. Blair Street south of E. Johnson Street (Friday, July 25)

N. Blount Street south of E. Johnson Street (Monday, July 28)

N. Livingston Street south of E. Johnson Street (long term closure)

N. Baldwin Street south of E. Johnson Street is now open to Johnson Street, but remains closed to cross traffic.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Mineral Point Rd/Junction Rd/Watts Rd.

  • - A traffic switch either Mon or Tues on NB Junction Rd.  Traffic will be switched over into newly constructed lanes.

-  Watts Road is reduced to one lane in each direction with a new traffic pattern

-  Mineral Point Rd is two lanes in each direction.

  • - S. Junction Rd is 1 lane in each direction from Valley View Rd/Pleasant View roundabout to Mineral Point Rd .
  • - Single lane closures are possible between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM

- Work is expected to last until end of August.

CLICK HERE for project website.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline/Verona Rd and vicinity.

 Two lanes in each direction on Verona Rd in the new NB lanes between the Beltline & Raymond Rd.

Allied Drive/East Frontage Road, between Thurston Ln and Red Arrow Trl, will be CLOSED with no through access on Tuesday, July 29.  Traffic will be re-routed on Red Arrow Tr and Thurston Ln.

 Overnight lane closures in both directions of the Beltline between Whitney Way & Gammon Rd AND between Todd Dr & Seminole Hwy.   These lane closures will take place between 8pm-5am. 

The Beltline Frontage Rd remains closed until mid-October just east of Verona Rd.



CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline from Terrace Ave to Mineral Point Rd.


- Single lane closures will occur nightly from 7:00PM – 6:00AM.  On ramp and off ramp closures at Old Sauk Road and Greenway Blvd. will be needed periodically during construction and will only be closed during the nighttime hours of 7:00PM – 6:00AM

-  Two lanes of traffic will be maintained during daytime hours.

- WB Beltline traffic has been shifted onto the new median shoulder and left lane.

- Noise wall construction begins with post installation beginning near Mineral Point Road and proceeding toward Old Sauk Road.

- Storm sewer will be installed along the WB outside shoulder between Mineral Point Road and Old Sauk Road.

- Grading work will continue along the WB outside shoulder from Old Sauk Road to Terrace Avenue.

- Bridge repairs will begin on the USH 12 EB structure over Old Sauk Road.

- Grading work will continue along the WB outside shoulder from Mineral Point Road to Greenway Blvd.

- The traffic signals at Greenway Blvd. will be switched onto the temporary signal equipment to accommodate ramp work at this location.

- Work will be complete by mid-November.





CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Beltline from Todd Dr to I-90.

The lane shift and separation near Park St will continue through the end of the month.

Overnight lane closures will continue roughly between 7pm-6am.

**Prior to now,  only ONE lane was closed until 9:30pm when TWO lanes were closed…..starting tonight TWO lanes will be closed starting at 8pm**

The SB Park St on ramp to the Beltline will remain closed until mid-August.



CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Commercial Ave & North St

Commercial Ave is still under construction from Packers Ave to North St.  Vehicles are still on the north side of Commercial Ave.

North St is still CLOSED from Commercial Ave to E. Washington Ave.

Johnson St/North St intersection:  Two-way traffic on Johnson,  except during non-peak travel times,  only one lane may be open with flaggers stopping and starting traffic.

Work is scheduled to be complete in mid-October.  

FITCHBURG: Update on McKee/PD construction.

McKee Rd/Hwy PD will be reduced to ONE lane in each direction tonight….expect big delays on Hwy PD/McKee Rd between Seminole Hwy & Fish Hatchery Rd starting with tomorrow morning’s commute.

Workers may be out and about today setting up for the big traffic switch; use caution in this area.

NEW ORANGE BARRELS: Hwy PD/McKee Rd construction starts this week.


The City of Fitchburg and Dane County are coordinating reconstruction of McKee Road (County PD) from S. Seminole Highway to Fish Hatchery Road starting the week of July 28, 2014.    

CLICK HERE for project website


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COMMON QUESTION: “What’s up with the construction on Beltline?” Answer:

Between Fish Hatchery Rd & I-90:

They are repairing pavement, fixing bridges, and repaving.  They will be done with this by November.

The EB Beltline on ramp from SB Park St is CLOSED until mid-August.   The lane-shift on the WB Beltline near Park St will be in place another 3-4 weeks;  they they will do the same thing on the EB Beltline with at least one lane separated from the rest of the world by a concrete barrier.

Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd area:

They are doing prep work for the next TWO years.  By 2016-ish, the Beltline will be widened in this area with 1 additional lane in each direction between Seminole Hwy & Whitney Way.  They are also going to reconstruct the Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd off ramp and give it a facelift.   They are just preparing for this work right now,  the bulk of which will take place during the next 2 construction seasons.

Whitney Way to Terrace Ave in Middleton:

They are fixing pavement and repaving eventually.  They are making new aux lanes between entrance and exit ramps.  They will be done with this by November.

Usually lane closures take place between 7pm-6am.    At times between 8pm-5am,  only one lane may be open at a time.    

On occasion,  overnight ramp closures need to take place, generally between the hours of 8pm-5am.

Delays should be anticipated at any time, but especially during peak travel times and early on in the night during the lane closures.




South Point Road from Valley View Rd to Harvest Moon Ln is scheduled to CLOSE today.  Work is scheduled through the end of October.  

The contractor will be setting up traffic control, clearing trees, stripping topsoil.

Project details from City of Madison: 

South Point Road (Valley View Rd – Harvest Moon Ln):   Work is scheduled July 14 – October 31.  The project includes new storm sewer, water main, curb and gutter and pavement.  

The road will be closed to through traffic.


Gilbert Rd is CLOSED between Whitney Way and Hammersley Rd.  A new water main is being installed. 
Work is scheduled through the end of August.



The project includes replacing the water main, storm sewer, deficient curb and gutter, pulverizing and paving and installing a table top intersection at Whitcomb Drive.

Gilbert Rd will be closed to through traffic for installation of the water main, storm sewer and table top.

MIDDLETON: A change to Madison Metro’s detour off Branch St.

Route 72 buses will now detour from Branch St via Allen Blvd, Maywood Ave & Amherst Rd.

Route 70 will continue to detour via Park St, Park Lawn Pl & Maywood Ave.

CLICK HERE for more info.