7:00 AM Traffic Rundown

Here is your 7 AM update of traffic happenings.  It’s turning into a busy morning out there.  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Vehicle vs. Pedestrian crash reported on US Highway 151 southbound near American Parkway.  Crews are responding.  It’s sounds fairly serious, so avoid the area if you can.
  • There are some very slippery spots out there due to the mist that is coming down freezing when it comes into contact with the roads.
  • Reports of a 4 vehicle crash involving a semi truck on US Highway 151 between Columbus and Madison.  It looks like it’s near WI HWY 73.
  • A metal latter has taken up residence in the Beltline’s left lane on the westbound side between Monona Dr and Stoughton Rd.

If you see a traffic problem you can tweet me and all MadTownTraffic traffic followers by using the handle @madisontraffic.