City Of Madison Snow Plow Updates

From the City Of Madison streets department:

Snow is predicted to start this evening. The Streets Division will have 30 crews staying on until Midnight and a new crew of 32 coming in at that time. We will be concentrating our efforts on our salt routes.

We will not be able to use salt due to the very cold temperatures. All our trucks will be applying sand.
With the cold conditions predicted for the next several days we do not anticipate being able to use salt or salt brine to tackle this snow fall.

Sand can help provide traction, but it will not melt snow. Traffic will pack down snow which bonds with the pavement. Our plows are able to scrap off quite a bit of snow from the streets. However, since we cannot use salt to loosen up the snow, there will be snow cover on all of our streets, including main roads and bus routes.

Because of the snow cover, Tuesday morning’s commute will be slow. Residents are urged to allow extra time to get to work. Drivers should allow extra time to stop and keep a safe distance between vehicles.