COMMON QUESTION: “What’s up with the construction on Beltline?” Answer:

Between Fish Hatchery Rd & I-90:

They are repairing pavement, fixing bridges, and repaving.  They will be done with this by November.

The EB Beltline on ramp from SB Park St is CLOSED until mid-August.   The lane-shift on the WB Beltline near Park St will be in place another 3-4 weeks;  they they will do the same thing on the EB Beltline with at least one lane separated from the rest of the world by a concrete barrier.

Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd area:

They are doing prep work for the next TWO years.  By 2016-ish, the Beltline will be widened in this area with 1 additional lane in each direction between Seminole Hwy & Whitney Way.  They are also going to reconstruct the Verona Rd/Midvale Blvd off ramp and give it a facelift.   They are just preparing for this work right now,  the bulk of which will take place during the next 2 construction seasons.

Whitney Way to Terrace Ave in Middleton:

They are fixing pavement and repaving eventually.  They are making new aux lanes between entrance and exit ramps.  They will be done with this by November.

Usually lane closures take place between 7pm-6am.    At times between 8pm-5am,  only one lane may be open at a time.    

On occasion,  overnight ramp closures need to take place, generally between the hours of 8pm-5am.

Delays should be anticipated at any time, but especially during peak travel times and early on in the night during the lane closures.