CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Stoughton/Pflaum/Buckeye

Stoughton Rd (Hwy 51): 

Left lane will be closed in both directions between Buckeye Rd and Pflaum Rd between 7pm-6am.

Delays are expected during these overnight lane closures.

Pflaum Rd 

Will remain in the current traffic configuration until the middle of the week, and then a new traffic pattern will be in place.   Daytime lane closures will occur on Pflaum Rd, but all movements will be maintained (ie, you’ll still be able to go straight, turn on Stoughton Rd, etc.)

Delays are expected during peak travel times.    An alternate route is recommended by the DOT.

Buckeye Rd

Traffic patterns will change repeatedly as needed.   All movements will be maintained.  Delays are expected during peak travel times.

What are they doing? 

–  Traffic signal and signing replacement

– Concrete pavement replacement and repair on Pflaum Road, Buckeye Road, and Stoughton Rd

–  Concrete island reconstruction