DANE/ROCK CO: Info on I-39/90 expansion and related projects.

What’s going on this week,  per the DOT:

WIS 73 reconstruction 

Interstate 39/90 north to US 12/18 near Cambridge and Deerfield

  • WIS 73 is CLOSED to through traffic until November 2014.  WIS 73 remains open for local traffic.
    • Access to area businesses along WIS 73 to remain open.
    • Alternate routes required for through travelers.
    • Signed detour route: I-39/90 and US 12/18.
  • Northern section of WIS 73 (just north of County B to south of US 12/18).
    • Excavation and grading operations are almost complete on this section.
    • Permanent roadway stone is in place from 1,600 feet south of Koshkonong Road to just north of County PQ, which will improve mobility in the area.
    • Local traffic can still drive through this area. Delays are anticipated, especially between County PQ and Fadness Road.
    • Note: WIS 73 will be paved in fall 2014.
  • Middle section of WIS 73 (north of County B to just south of County A).
    • Asphalt removal in this area will start next week.
    • Please drive with caution and be alert for crews working in this area.
  • Storm sewer placement is underway, which improves drainage in some areas. The second half of the box culvert replacement will start next week; the single lane will move from the east side to the west side of the roadway (over new box culvert).
    • Note: The travel lane near box culvert work (about 1,500 feet north of County B) is narrow. Most vehicles and delivery trucks should be able to safely pass; however, large farm vehicles with implements may not be able to safely navigate this section of roadway.
  • The WIS 73 and WIS 106 intersection, just north of I-39/90, remains open to traffic until reconstruction in late summer 2014.

I-39/90 southbound bridge over Siggelkow Road
Located just south of the US 12/18 (Beltline) interchange near Madison

  • I-39/90 northbound traffic is shifted toward the median at Siggelkow Road.
    • Southbound traffic to remain in the current configuration.
  • Grading operations to occur for temporary widening of I-39/90 northbound and to widen the northbound bridge for future traffic staging.
  • Nightly lane closure on I-39/90 northbound at Siggelkow Road.
    • 7 p.m. – 5 a.m. (July 7-11)
    • 9 p.m. – 7 a.m. (July 11-12)
  • Outside shoulder CLOSED on I-39/90 northbound at Siggelkow Road.
  • Two lanes to remain open to traffic on I-39/90 (in each direction) during daytime hours.
  • Siggelkow Road is CLOSED at I-39/90 until November 2014.
    • Traffic on Siggelkow Road is not permitted to travel under I-39/90. Alternate routes are required.

Pavement repairs on I-39/90 from Janesville to Edgerton
Milwaukee St. in Janesville to just north of the WIS 73/US 51 interchange in Dane County

  • Work continues on pavement repairs, shoulder repairs, and resurfacing of I-39/90 northbound.
  • Nightly lane closure on I-39/90 northbound from Kennedy Road to just south of the WIS 59 interchange.
    • 7 p.m. – 5 a.m. (July 7-11)
    • 9 p.m. – 7 a.m. (July 11-12)
  • No work is anticipated on I-39/90 southbound until July 2014.
  • Two lanes to remain open to traffic on I-39/90 (in each direction) during daytime hours.
  • Short term ramp closures may occur. No consecutive ramps (i.e., US 14 and WIS 26 interchange) closed at the same time.
    • Alternate routes required during ramp closures.


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