UPDATE: Crash. NB Fish ONE lane open at Wingra. Major power outage.

Crash on NB Fish Hatchery Rd at Wingra St.

Vehicle hit a traffic light, which knocked out power to nearly 2500 MG&E customers.

Power outage is north of the Beltline west to the Arboretum,  east nearly to Alliant Energy Center,  and south of W. Washington Ave.

Only ONE lane open on NB Fish Hatchery Rd at Wingra St.

All traffic lights are out on Fish Hatchery Rd just north of the Beltline to Park St, and on Park St from just north of the Beltline nearly to W. Washington Ave.  (W. Wash lights are working).

Alternative routes include NB John Nolen Dr and NB Seminole Hwy.  Traffic lights are working on those streets.

Expect heavier volume though as other people will likely use these and other alternative routes too.

No word on when this will be cleared  up,  at 6:30am,  MG&E’s best estimate for when power will be restored is 8:45am.