RHYTHM AND BOOMS: All you need to know and more.

**PLEASE NOTE:  I will NOT be tweeting traffic for this event, for multiple reasons.   One of which is I am off of work and will be enjoying Rhythm and Booms with my family on Lake Monona.  I will happily re-tweet info that anyone tweets to me regarding traffic troubles before, during, and after the fireworks.  

Roads that are closed, and when:

Saturday, June 28

N.  Shore Dr from John Nolen to Bedford.

Broom St from John Nolen to Wilson.

Blair/Williamson to Olin.

4 a.m. – Outbound Closed
1 p.m. – Inbound Closed

Sunday, June 29

Inbound John Nolen Dr  re-opens at 6am,  outbound re-opens at 8am. 

Lots of info below, click on your favorites: 

CLICK HERE for info on planning your route via Madison Metro.

CLICK HERE for Rhythm & Booms website.

CLICK HERE for FAQ about Rhythm & Booms,  including what you can and can not bring in with you.

CLICK HERE for info about getting to/from and around Rhythm & Booms.

CLICK HERE for info from Madison Parking Utility.

CLICK HERE for live parking availability in downtown parking ramps.