CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Verona Rd; week of 9/21

**On Tuesday morning,  Sept 23, a traffic pattern change will be in place on Verona Rd at Atticus Way/Summit Rd intersection.  This is just south of the Beltline. 

– Temporary traffic signals will be in place.

– Left turns, right turns, and moving straight through the intersection will be maintained.

– The current temporary intersection between the Beltline and Atticus Way will be removed.

– Two-way traffic will be restored on the West Frontage Rd between U-Haul and Subway.

– Access remains open to area businesses and neighborhoods.

On Verona Rd, two lanes will remain open in each direction.  All traffic remains on the new northbound lanes between the Beltline and Raymond Rd.

There will be overnight lane closures on Verona Rd in both directions at Atticus Way/Summit Rd.  (10pm-5am, Sept 22-23)