DANE CO: State of Emergency declared.

Info from Dane County Executive’s Chief of Staff Josh Wescott:

“Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan announced this morning they are declaring a state of emergency after severe storms and apparent tornadoes damaged dozens of homes in the area overnight.  There were nearly 350 reports of storm damage across Dane County.

“We want to be sure those affected by last night’s severe weather are eligible for every type of disaster recovery assistance available,” Parisi said.

Parisi is touring storm-damaged parts of Verona and Madison today with Dane County Emergency Management Director Charles Tubbs.

“Given the extent of the damage in some of our neighborhoods we feel fortunate no one was seriously hurt,” Parisi said.  “Many people’s lives were changed shortly after midnight and now we need to do what we can to help them get back on their feet.”

“This declaration is the important function that County Government and Emergency Management serve to help people when faced with a natural disaster,” Corrigan said.

Communities are encouraged to compile damage reports and share them with Dane County Emergency Management.  Those reports will be shared with the State with the eventual hope of securing a federal disaster declaration.  That would enable individuals, businesses, and communities here to get assistance with rebuilding and recovery.”